3 Things You Should Know For Custom Logo Keychain

Make your logo keychain and lapel lapel pin
Recently I got some inquiry from my customers about custom logo keychain. The question also comes like: Can you do my Logo Keychain?
It seems hard to reply, as it is so wide question. No materials, no technology request, and even no size for most customer. Then how to proceed?

Unilapelpin has 3 suggestions for your logo keychain:

  1. The materials for your logo keychain design

Unilapelpin has three materials, metal, PVC and Acrylic keychain. They are all different.
For Metal Logo Keychain: it is most popular in the market, and the price is not so big. The most important thing is that the keychain can keep a long time without color fading.

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PVC Molding would be more expensive choice and it is more popular when the volume is bigger. It is more 3D version and the keychain look more colorful and feels soft. The problem is that it is easy to turn colors of the surface.
For Acrylic keychain: it is the most economic choice for you. The MOQ is also small. However normally we do print on the surface of the Acrylic material, which makes it look cheap.

We suggest the Metal Logo Keychain for Most of the company’s logo.

  1. The technology suitable for your logo keychain design

The different design needs different technology suggestions.
If your logo keychain is simple with colored words, you can do soft enamel or hard enamel or other technologies.
If your logo keychain has gradient color, you may have to consider Acrylic keychain or UV printing in the surface of your logo keychain. It is more vivid.

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If your logo keychain is complicated, like you need it movable, or you need it to be glitter. Then think about combination keychain.

  1. The size of your logo keychain design

For the keychain with only words, normally size is 2.5inch length at least.
For the round logo keychain, 2*2inch keychain would be also OK.
If you need it tiny, then you can add 2-4 different ingredients in your logo keychain. It would be also a particularly good choice.


How to make your logo keychain with UNILAPELPIN

Check your logo first, to suggest the design, material, and size
Based on your size, we can give our molding and unit cost
After agreed, unilapelpin team will give you the mockup in 1-2 days to double confirm
Then we can go with samples
Samples confirmed, we can go with the cargo

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