Custom Challenge Coins

coins plate

Custom challenge coins is one of the best way to remember a moment or an activity. Want to make one for your celebrities, wedding, company, organizations…… Come to us!

  • We have different designs for the custom challenge coins:
  • Single Side Coins: It means one side is designed while another side is glossy or matte. It is the most economic choice. You can use the material of iron, zinc alloy or brass like you do.
  • Two Sided Coins: We must get your two sides design to make the coin. Some design needs small embossed or debosses, we can it deep engrave or slight engrave, price are different.
  • Single Side Enamel Coins: It is one of the most popular type. Enamel can make the coins colorful.
  • Double Sides Enamel Coins: It is the highest quality of the coins. Soft/Hard Enamel are on both sides and you can make two sides colorful.
  • 3D Design Metal Coins: The main technology for this would be die casting. For 3D design, it would be more vivid.

Various Choice of Coins Edge

various coins edge choice

Base Metal Plating Color


Custom Challenge Coins Samples

Soft Enamel VS Hard Enamel--unilapelpin

Hard Enamel

Shiny and smooth surface
More used in Formal occasion
Colors last much longer
Like Jewelry appearance

Soft Enamel

Convex Metal with enamel Color
Can add epoxy on the surface
Metal Lines can be thinner
Can be more Detailed and colorful

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