Lapel Pin Package

Four main package choice for the lapel pin

There are many different kinds of package for lapel pins and lapel pin. But normally we use 4 kinds as below:

OPP bags:OPP bags

Most popular choice;very simple with transparent color; can lock by zip; Cheap choice; no extra shipping cost

Cards+OPP bags:card

You can lock the pin with the card or make several pins in one card as a set;  it mostly used for retailors;You can also print different patterns at the card

Acrylic box:Acrylic

It is most popular for souvenior coins. The box is to protect the coins in the shipping from oxidation and crash. And it looks more delicate.

Special box:

Normally used for souvenior coins,cufflinks and tie bars.You can use different materials like paper box, wooden box or Acrylic box. It is a kind of gift box for the special customers or friends.

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