3 ways to make Custom lapel pin with Gradient Color

3 ways to make Custom lapel pin with Gradient Color

Lapel pins with Gradient Ramp

As professional custom lapel pin maker, we always got different kinds of lapel pin designs from our customer. Some with normal color and some with gradient colors.For lapel pins, it is hard to make gradient color or detailed colors. As when think about lapel pins, we always talk soft enamel or hard enamel pin. However, when your design has the gradient ramp or detailed color request, it seems not so easy to make it perfect. But don’t forget, we can consider UV printing as the best choice.


These are our top 3 tips for making custom gradient colored Enamel Pin Badges. Check them out!

  1. UV printing lapel pins—- with paintings to make custom lapel pins

As UV printing is printed by granule, bottom color should be painted. You can see the picture as this pretty perfume bottle. It is used by white color painting + UV printing to make it with so much white lines and gradient color. Very pretty like the real bottle.

UV printing Lapel Pin Badge13

  1. UV printing lapel pins— with the Soft Enamel to make custom enamel lapel pins

Soft enamel is also a kind of painting, but not a big gap. It always has a lot of colors in the small area. But also, UV painting can be more detailed drawing. Like the picture below

From this picture, you can see the colored words,black lines and white lines are all by UV painting.

Soft Enamel+UV printing lapel pins-Unilapelpin05 Soft Enamel+UV printing lapel pins-Unilapelpin04


  1. UV printing lapel pins— with Hard Enamel to make custom enamel lapel pins

The surface of hard enamel is flat. Metal line are the same surface with colored area. It is even easier to take make this effect of colored and pretty pins.

Hard Enamel+UV printing lapel pins-Unilapelpin02 Hard Enamel+UV printing lapel pins-Unilapelpin01


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Here is the details of some product we have done.