6 steps to get enamel lapel pin

6 steps to get your enamel lapel pin

When you are planning for your own enamel lapel pin, you may want to make it clear about how to proceed with your design, and how long would you get your lapel pin. Also, how to communicate with the lapel pin factories. As a direct factory, we have 6 steps(from design, technology, offer to samples, production and shipping)  to help you with all this related information, hope it can help you.

Check your Lapel Pin Design/Pictures/Samples and Confirm:

If you have your own original design documents, that would be genuinely nice! We accept PDF, AI,CDR,PSD and JPG for your drawings of the lapel pin.

If you do not have the drawings of your enamel lapel pin, samples would be also a good choice. However, if you cannot send sample to us, better you can take a picture of detailed enamel lapel pin sizes of W*L. Normally thickness is standard for the pins.

Less than 1 inch, we suggest 1.2-1.5mm

1-2inches: 2-2.5mm is normal size

Over 2 inch: Depends on your request.

If no samples, freehand drawing are also OK. Our expert will help to make it suitable with the enamel lapel pin as you need for your confirmation.

Choose the right technology for lapel pin

Most designs may be suitable for different technologies. Like soft enamel, hard enamel and even printings. Here is the list for you to confirm the one you prefer:

Soft Enamel VS Hard Enamel--unilapelpin

  • Soft Enamel
  1. Soft enamel lapel pins can add an epoxy resin: Soft enamel pins are baked at a lower temperature, so they are not as durable as hard enamel pins, sometimes you can add an epoxy resin coating to protect the enamel
  2. Soft enamel pins have textured look and feel:After drying the enamel, the enamel depression below the metal abrasive wireline, which make the pin bumpy feel.
  3. When to choose soft enamel pins?: If you like the textured look and feel pins, soft enamel lapel pin might be your first choice.
  • Hard Enamel
  1. Hard enamel is more durable: Hard enamel pins are baked at a higher temperature, so the enamel part is more durable
  2. Hard enamel pins surface are flat and smooth: Hard enamel pins need to polish during production which makes the surface flat.
  3. When to pick hard enamel pins?:If you want your pins to be most durable and like the flat surface pins, then you can choose hard enamel pins.
  • Printings:
  1. Printing is a normal technology for pins, It can used in both soft enamel or hard enamel technology and can be used as main technology.
  2. When to choose printings?:Printing is more popular choice when the design has big gradient colors, or the words and colors are small. It also can makes the pins badge looks charming.Click here to know more about UV printing Enamel pins


  • Choose the right fittings for your enamel lapel pin:

The most popular fittings are butterfly clutch. Rubber clutch and safety pin or magnet are also extremely popular in the enamel pins manufacture. You should have to choose the one you need, and you prefer to go ahead.

buttfly clutch and rubber pins of lapel pins

  • Choose Polishing of your lapel pin

Glossy or sand is the most normal type. And you can also choose your own design backside.

  • Choose electroplating of your lapel pin

As a enamel pin factory, we can offer many types of electroplating for you to choose. The most popular is silver color, golden color, antique silver, copper, and ross copper. If you have prefer effect, we can also check and suggest for you.

lapel pins electroplating



Price offer

After all these prepare is done, we will double check the price for you.

Normally for lapel pin, the price has related with the material, size, colored area, quantities, and package.

  • About materials:The material for lapel pin includes iron, steel iron, brass, zinc alloy, aluminum and so on.
  • About Sizes: The size is not only related with the materials, but also electroplating and color area.
  • About Colors:It does main one special color, but the colors you need in one pin. How many colors and how big the color area is. It all can influence the price. As the more colors, the more works we should do. And the smaller color area, the harder to make it perfect. That is why it effect the lapel pin cost.
  • About Quantities: We have no MOQ for lapel pin. You can order 1 pc and you can also order 100K pcs. The price is all totally different. 1 pc should have a mold, and 100K also one mold. Both need a lot of start up work.
  • About Package: The most popular package includes OPP bags,Card Package and box package. If you have your own ideas, we can also check if it is possible for us.

lapel pins package


  • Besides all these information, the final price is Molding cost( only for trial order) and the Unit price * quantities + Shipping price

The molding cost is from 80USD-150USD. All are different! You should contact to get your own offer.

Shipping price: Sometimes it is not stable at all, so we prefer to double check it with the quantities.

Samples come out

Normally it lasts 5-10 days to make you the samples, depends on the design and if it is hot season in factory. For most designs, 10 days is totally enough.

At this time, you will get a picture of both sides and a short video if you buy enamel pins from UNI LAPELPIN.

  • Sample Check Suggestions
  1. Check if the size and design is the same as what you need from your conversation. Normally no problem for this. Still better double check.
  2. Check if the technology is right the one you want. Like you confirm soft enamel but they do hard enamel, or like this
  3. Check if the colors are what you need: Like you want the colors of Pure White but they do another similar color, which makes it definitely another pin. Sometimes it happens not cause of the factory, but also the enamel they make. There would be some difference even for the same color. When you plan to change, you should also consider all the colors on the lapel pin.
  4. Fittings and electroplating: It is very easy to see and to check. For the electroplating, as UNI LAPELPIN, we have own plating plant, if you are not satisfied with one, you can choose another to test and we offer this service for free until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Lapel Pins Cargo Production

Once the samples confirmed, we will begin with the cargo and let you know the ready time based on your quantity. Normally it is 7-25 days. We have a frame for you to know the estimated production ready time. If any urgencies, will update to you in case of any influence of your promotion action.

Shipping of your enamel pins:

Our forwarder agency has exceptionally good cooperation with DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and many other express companies with very good discount. The shipping time will be 7-15 days normally to your country. All our final price includes shipping cost, do you have no extra cost of that. For the taxes in your own country, you may have to pay if the custom asks for that.

Want to know more,here is for your reference:

Hard Enamel vs Soft Enamel;Custom hard enamel pins;Custom soft enamel pins;Gradient Color pins; Tips for enamel pins design

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