5 main fittings for lapel pins

5 main fittings for lapel pins

Considering the fittings, we normally think about butterfly clutch,which is the most popular choice for lapel pins/lapel pins. Acturally we have more choice for that:

1.Butterfly clutch:

butterfly clutch badge

the most popular choice and most economic choice. The colors will be perfectly the same with your plating colors.need help?

2.Safe Clips:

safety clip badge


Also good choice! This fitting can prevent your pins dropping perfectly!need help?

3.Rubber cap:

rubber clutch badge

We have many different colors of rubber caps for your pins!need help?

4.Flat top button:

flat top badge

This is a premium choice for the clutch. The flat top button is more soft feelings for you and your clients.need help?


magnet badgemagnet badge2

This choice can help you to destroy the small hole when you wear lapel pins. It can also be colored or normal silver color.need help?